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Always Ready: Faithful Living in Unfaithful Times

A video published by Ligonier Ministries on September 17th, 2022

In every generation, God calls His people to be faithful witnesses of Jesus to the world around them. But to better represent the Lord and His truth, we need to know the worldviews that are common in our culture and know how to give a Christian response. We’re live from Always Ready, our apologetics conference for Christians ages twelve to eighteen. Watch now as we consider how to be faithful witnesses for Christ in our unfaithful times. Morning Sessions: ● How Can I Know God? by Stephen Nichols ● How Do I Love My Neighbor Today? by Eric Bancroft ● Social Media and Me by Nathan W. Bingham ● Who Is Jesus? by Burk Parsons Afternoon Sessions: ● Panel Discussion: What about Other Religions? with Bancroft, Bingham, and Nichols ● “Nothing Really Matters”: Hope, Meaning, and Eternity by Eric Bancroft ● Panel Discussion: Always Ready to Share the Gospel with Bingham and Nichols

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