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Join Us for Always Ready: Answers to Tough Questions

A video published by Ligonier Ministries on September 30th, 2020

How you answer the tough questions makes all the difference in the world. What will you say when your friends ask about your faith? Do you have the confidence to defend the hope you have in Christ? Mark your calendar for October 3, 2020, and join us at 1:00–3:00 p.m. for Always Ready, a special livestream created to help young students share their faith and stand firm for the truth of God’s Word. This online event is free, and no registration is required. Is the Bible still relevant? Since God is good, why do we suffer? Is Jesus the only way to salvation? Eric Bancroft, Nathan W. Bingham, Joel Kim, Stephen Nichols, and Burk Parsons will help equip you to better answer these important questions and more. This livestream has been designed for Christians ages twelve to eighteen, but everyone is welcome. Make sure you tell your friends about this online event. Learn more at

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